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My APK is showing top bar

In this tutorial, I am going to show you My APK is showing top bar in PWA for this follow the below steps.

  1. Go APK zip make sure there is assetlinks.json [If not available regenerate again]
  2. check your https:// YOUR_HOST/.well-known/assetlinks.json is exited or not is exited or not
  3. If not available above link, then create a .well-known folder in the root and upload assetlinks.json file from zip in a .well-known folder
  4. Clear your browser and app data from mobile

now install the apk, its will resolve

If you are facing any issue after following these steps also, please contact our Support team

That’s it for this tutorial!

We hope we’ve clear your doubts in case If you have any feedback or questions, Just contact us here and we are always available for you.

Updated on August 17, 2020

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