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Extend PWA with Premium Features

Add extensions to help you build and grow

QR Code for PWA

Easily download QR code and share with your users to give them easy to use and engaging user experience PLUGIN FEATURES Active Development Continuous Updates Technical Support & Free Setup Documentation Have a question or a doubt? Just ask us here

Rewards on PWA install

Simply hide content and reward for PWA app users.

Multilingual Compatibility for PWA

Multi-lingual compatibility with WPML & Polylang plugins

Navigation Bar for PWA

Bottom navigation bar display three to five Menu at the bottom of a screen in PWA APP

Quick Action for PWA

Quick Action gives quick access to a handful of common actions that users need frequently

BuddyPress for PWA for WP

Buddypress extension to send push notification while core notification will work ex: A member mentions you in an update / A member replies to an update or comments your post

Offline Forms for PWA for WP

Offline forms for PWA will give support to store your forms data in offline mode

PWA to APK Plugin

PWA to APK Plugin for PWA extension to generate the APK from PWA enabled website

Scroll Progress Bar for PWA

Scroll Progress Bar for PWA extension indicator to display the current reading position.

Pull to Refresh for PWA

Pull to Refresh for PWA extension help users to refresh the page inside PWA app

Data Analytics for PWA

Easily track the PWA APP installations!

Loading Icon Library for PWA

Loading Icon Library extension multiple icons for PWA app.

Call to Action for PWA

Call to Action extension makes it easy for your users to add the website to the home screen.

Priority Support

We will fix your PWA errors from browser console for you so that you can sleep at night and focus on your content and growth. We get more than 100’s of technical queries in a day but the Priority support plan will help you skip that and get the help from a dedicated team. We …

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